Children are so welcome at the festival.

  • We like to have a “non telephone/computer” zone at Play Full Hearts. Instead we encourage the children to be part of the workshops and music.
  • There will not be a “children’s festival”, but the children are welcome to participate in some of the workshops and in the evening we will put on a movie.
  • To make it a good experience for both children and adults we kindly ask you parents to have eye on your own children during the day and evening. At our location at Fogdaröd there are several places that are not suitable for children to play at – and we hope for your corporation around this.
  • In the evening our suggestion is to make a schedule so the parents can take turns being in the movie-room seeing that everything is okay – in that way you will help each other out.
  • We appreciate if you send us an email with the age of your child - it help us planning the festival. Email: