Children are so welcome at the festival.

  • Children - .....they are the ones taking over after us. Please bring your child so we can enjoy this time together and show them this loving space. 
  • There will not be a “children’s festival” this year, but the children are welcome to participate in some of the workshops and in the evening we will put on a movie.
  • During the sharing-groups the teenagers Baltazar & Alvilda will help play with the kids.
  • In the evening we will show a movie in another room, so the children can have a cozy time there
  • We like to have a “non telephone/computer” zone at Play Full Hearts. Instead we encourage the children to be part of the workshops and music. Being bored creates a space for creativity to arrise. We hope you will bring you child let her/him be part of the loving space. 
  • There will be toys for the children to use at the festival - but you are very welcome to bring your own toys too. Maybe diabolo, fotball, books etc
  • When you have bought your ticket, we appreciate if you send us an email with the age of your child - it help us plan the festival. Email: