Sleeping over

Sleep over in own tent
  • If you want to sleep over you bring your own tent (and all you need for sleeping).
  • We cannot provide you with a mattress or indoor sleeping space. But you can try to look for a Airbnb & a Bed & Breakfast in the area. 
  • We ask you to kindly come to put up your tent BEFORE the festival program begins. In this way we can all begin together and keep schedule.
  • You find one “Sleeping over Ticket for Friday” and one “Sleeping over Ticket for Saturday”.
  • You buy one ticket per person.
  • Please note: from Friday to Saturday you provide your own breakfast (We have a small kitchen for you at GAIA, but good if you keep it simple - we need to use the room for workshops when the festival begins). Sunday morning breakfast is included in the ticket-price.

Sleep over in own camper / car

  • It is possible to sleep over in your own "car/wagon". We cannot provide you with electricity. 
  • Let us know BY MAIL if you come with a "car/wagon" to sleep in:
  • You buy one sleep-over ticket per person sleeping in the wagon (you just buy the tickets you find on TICKSTER even though it says "tent")

If you don´t want to sleep in a tent - and you don´t have a camper - then you can try or look on the internet for bed & breakfast places nearby. You are also very welcome to write on the wall of the Facebook event and ask if somebody living nearby wants to lent you a bed. 


  • There will be toilets connected to the workshop & concerts spaces. Showers and more toilets are to be found on the area.