You buy your ticket online at TICKSTER

Bring your ticket (online or on paper) to the check-in at the reception.

For your information:
* The festival is ONE DAY - but you are welcome to come Friday from 17:00 and stay until Sunday 12:00.

* Friday is "free of program" and we will gather everyone who has come in a circle at around 19:00. You will provide own breakfast Saturday morning (We have a small kitchen for you at GAIA, but good if you keep it simple - we need to use the room for workshops when the festival begins)

* Sunday morning we will serve you breakfast, and there will be a co-creation around some mornings activities (those who feel like it will go swimming, do yoga etc).

* Please look under the menu "program" for more details on what is happening during the festival

* If you want to sleep-over you find info below here about what tickets to buy. (You buy: One ticket for sleeping over Friday, one ticket for the festival, one ticket for sleeping over Saturday.)

* If you can only come saturday night we have a "Saturday-night" ticket you can buy. 

We appreciate if you send us an email with the age of your child - it help us planning the festival. Email:
Festival Tickets available

  • 24/8 All day Festival Ticket, adult:                          735 sek      
  • 24/8 All day Festival Ticket, child (3-18 years)        350 sek             
  • 24/8 Saturday Evening ticket, adult:                     400 sek              
  • 24/8 Saturday Evening ticket, (child 3-18 years)     150 sek             

Sleeping-over Tickets:

  • 23/8 Friday Sleeping-over in own tent (no breakfast included) adult/child:                    50 sek
  • 24/8 Saturday Sleeping over in own tent (with breakfast Sunday morning) adult/child:  75 sek
  • Children under 3 years don't need any tickets. 
  • We appreciate if you send us an email with the age of your child when you have bought the ticket - it helps us to plan the festival. Email:
  • Please Note: You buy one “sleeping-over” ticket per PERSON per night.
  • Please Note: To create a balanced festival for everyone, we have decided to only have 35 tickets for children for sale (3-18 years). We might release more tickets later (if for example many of the children are older). But don’t count on it, and buy your ticket now to be sure of a space.
  • Tickster takes a 25 sek fee for each purchase (not per ticket).


Please look around and find the different information you need at this homepage. Of cause you can send us an email if you have questions - but we prefer if you look for the info before you write us:)

We recommend that you write on the eventpage of facebook and try to coordinate with other participants. Otherwise it is 1,5 km to walk from the station in Höör. 
At Facebook you can also coordinate if you want to drive together with other participants in car.  Facebook Event

We cannot have any animals at the festival. 

We will not have a markedplace open for everyone this year - because the festival is only one day. Therefore we ask you not to brings things to sell. We will focus on selling the CD´s of the musicians & the things we already have at GAIA in dailylife. 


  • Read under the meny FOOD at this homepage. You need to bring something "small" like cheese, olives etc. to add to the table at the evening meal. 
  • Bring sutaible toys for you kids - diabolo, balls, badminton etc
  • Bring your instruments if you have some
  • Swimsuit & towel (lake about 8 min away by car)
  • If you got space in your car please bring some sitting materials like an mattress or a pillow - we are short of sitting materials if we are many participants

Everyone at the festival will help each other during the day. We have a nice team of people coming on friday to help set up the festival - you can write us an email if you want to come too. You will offer your help for free and still buy a ticket. 

If you have any question not answered on this homepage, please contact us here: